Visiting the Whitaker Lab

Find your way to meetings with members of the lab

We’re based in The Alan Turing Institute which is housed in the British Library. Here’s a link to their page on how to find the library, and here is a link to google maps to help you navigate through London.

Arriving before 9:30am

The British Library doesn’t open until 9:30am so if you’re arriving before then you’ll need to enter through the staff entrance on Midland Road opposite (one of the exits from) St Pancras station.

British Library staff entrance

Staff entrance to the British Library on Midland Road.

The security staff will meet you there and call The Alan Turing Institute reception to have someone come to get you.

This entrance is not suitable for dropping by to visit as we have to give the security staff 24 hour advanced notice that you’ll be visiting us.

Arriving after 9:30am

The British Library opens at 9:30am and there is usually a long line of people waiting to enter. They will check your bags at the entrance.

If you have a large suitcase with you, please ask the person you’re visiting to add you to the visitor list and enter through the staff entrance.

As you enter the library you’ll see the beautiful atrium and two sets of stairs and escalators taking you up to the Kings Library. When you’re in front of the glass case of old books (on the 1st floor) turn right and walk towards the Enigma machine. You should see the entrance to The Alan Turing Institute ahead of you.

Kings Library at the British Library

The Kings library [by Dutch Simba on Flickr]

Enigma machine on display at the British Library

The Enigma machine on display outside the entrance to The Alan Turing Institute [by @MajaMaricevic, on Twitter]

Let someone on the reception desk at The Alan Turing Institute know you’re here and they’ll give you a visitor’s pass and welcome you in.

Thank you for coming to visit!